It’s been a decade or more since much of the human race became glued to our screens, and so by the time Covid hit most of us were already starving for meaningful human interaction. As the weather gets hot and we find ourselves well past the year mark since the quarantine began, small-group gatherings are beginning to seem feasible again and dare we say necessary for our well-being (see Why Salon-ing is Essential for Your Good Health). Add a thought-provoking focus into the mix, and you’ve got the makings of a proper salon.

Below are are five reasons we believe 2021 is ripe for the Salon Movement to take shape, beginning with you and your friends. We are on a mission to re-establish human connection, you know – the true purpose and greatest joy of being alive, one IRL interaction at a time. Here’s why 2021 is the perfect time to take up the cause.


As we know, we were starved for meaningful human connection long before the pandemic began. In the horrific year we’ve spent away from each other, the world has changed so much we haven’t even had time to make sense of it. Conscious, small gatherings focused around a theme relevant to this unprecedented time in history, or even just a fun and interesting subject, is big medicine for a social species indelibly fractured by forced separation from itself.

2. More Conversation! Less shouting in the digital world at each other and more listening and talking to each other IRL makes the world a much better place. 
Whether or not you sat through The Social Dilemma long enough to learn how mankind recently evolved to channel emotions by shouting into the digital realm, we’ve been living with the ramifications of this phenomenon for some time now. Looking into the eyes of another while actively listening to them, perhaps discussing a viewpoint that may differ from our own, may help rewire some of the tech-frazzled circuitry of human relating one authentic, IRL interaction at a time.

3. Face to Face Conversation: Who isn’t hankering for some good, lock-eyes-on-you in-person convo after the last couple of years? 

To have a sense of belonging within the world, within our community, equates to happiness. Face-to-face interaction, especially after so much time apart, is what community is functionally. Reconnecting in person with our loved ones, looking into their eyes and truly hearing them, is going to be a huge boost of loving energy that grounds us in our communities again.

4. Conversation: Our Covid Bubble saved us so many times from desperately bleak moments but now it’s time to add some new beings into the chat. 

When was the last time you made a new relationship? Most of us haven’t been making new friends in the pandemic,and it’s about time to remember what it feels like to find yourself in the most revelatory conversation with a stranger. Salons are an ideal way to back-burner small talk and get straight to juicier discussions with new people, and as host you’ll have selected an alchemic group of guests with plenty to talk about. Fresh energy and perspectives refresh old connections as well as creating new ones, so try inviting in a few new faces to make your guestlist more potent.

5. Conversation: Listen and learn. Listen and learn. Listen and learn. 

Active listening drives far more interesting discussion than individuals competing for the proverbial talking stick. We know we have two ears and one mouth for a reason, but it can be hard to listen more than we speak sometimes living with egos constantly espousing a need to be right. A shared commitment to active listening means spirited conversations and even debates can happen respectfully in the container of a well-facilitated salon. Encourage your guests to jot down questions or comments for later so as not to interrupt the natural flow of the person or people speaking. 

And there’s so much to learn, you can browse topics to get some curation inspiration, Salonistas – happy hosting!