Why & How to Host a Salon

While the express purpose of this site is to offer the insights needed to curate and host a great salon, an understanding of why salons form such powerful connective tissue in community in the first place is by far the juiciest place to start.

Both my personal and professional life have grown tremendously as a result of gathering people together. And guests are always so very appreciative, telling me that the people they’ve met through me have gone on to change the course of their lives. And no one else does what I do so imperfectly or with such enthusiasm.

Come with me on this journey

Here you are – someone who cares about the future of the world, someone who is engaged with ideas, you’re a person who reads the news and has an opinion. You’re literate and bright and erudite. Your friends look up to you. I’m nudging you. It’s your turn now to gather those friends together and step into the conscious community connection we’re all craving.

I will teach you how to host a salon.

I will show you how to cultivate and curate your friend group, and how to gather your friends and their friends imperfectly and warmly. From the nitty-gritty of whom to invite to how to invite them, I will guide you through managing your friends as guests.

I will encourage you to take a stand if you have friends who are inconsiderate guests, and I will give you pointers on how to train your friends to be considerate and helpful guests. I’ll lead you down the path to a well-planned gathering that is both low stress and original, one that has your stamp on it.

To gather people, to cook for them, to create an experience that is special, that is invite-only, this is a gift to everyone including yourself. It’s no-guilt self-care with all the perks of participating in vibrant community. It’s also telling the world that you are an engaged citizen, that you are connected, and that you are curious.

The Salon Host How-To

Broken down into each ingredient necessary for a delicious salon, each article is packed full of pro-tips. But first, some food for thought…


The two most important questions to ask yourself when you set out to do anything in life, up to and including hosting a salon is – What do I want to achieve and what is my capability?

First off, what is it that you want to achieve? Bring friends together? Meet new people? Learn more about a topic and other people’s points of views? Listen to live music? Reconnect with community? Are you curious and hungry to learn?

Do you want to feel connected to a community, YOUR community? Be an active member of your community? Mix new friends with old friends? Less online dating, more analog meeting? Stimulate conversation? Entertain and be entertained? Give back? Do something more interesting than a dinner party but less cray than a rager? Dress up? How about ALL OF THE ABOVE?!

What is your capability?

Know yourself. Be honest. Don’t start swimming at the deep end. Build your confidence in your imperfected salon hosting. Initially you may want to just order in food and invite a dozen friends over. Regardless of how you start, starting is the important part, and below is everything you need to know to succeed at hosting a salon.

Salon Hosting 101