This week we’re shining our POSTHOC guest spotlight on Lisa, Senior Producer at CBS News and 60 Minutes, formerly of The Rachel Maddow show. She was also head writer and producer of World News with Diane Sawyer, a gig she secured as the new girl working crappy shifts at Good Morning America who was in the right place when a major story broke and became Diane’s go-to, moving with her after she left GMA.

Lisa’s been attending POSTHOC salons for all the years they’ve been in existence, so we decided to ask her what keeps bringing her back to Susan’s kitchen. Read on to find out what makes these salons such a community lynchpin, and how got to befriend her favorite 90s fashion icon and designer thanks to a conversation she struck up at a salon.

What, in your opinion, makes POSTHOC salons different from other dinner parties? Why is the Posthoc community so loyal?

Susan’s uncanny ability to curate not just the topics or the food or the vibe but the people at her salons. Yes, the olive tapenade is delicious. The drinks are irresistible. Her fashion is to die for. But it’s the people that keep me – and arguably others – coming back: the assurance that I will walk into her home and find myself surrounded by some of the most interesting and intelligent people I could ask for. 

Do you have any stories about an impactful personal connection you made at one of these salons?

I’ve been coming to Susan’s gatherings for a decade. Along the way, I’ve met new friends who have stayed with me, in my life as friends, as business contacts, as inspirations and muses. Years ago, at one of Susan’s salons I was seated next to a charming woman who introduced herself only as Daryl and told me she “worked in fashion” As the night wore on – and as we both got drawn into conversation with Susan’s friend Amanda – the purveyor of all things psychedelic drugs — Daryl and I struck up a kinship. Before the night ended I asked her — well what do you *do* in fashion? She – it turns out – is Daryl Kerrigan — the creator of Daryl K — the iconic 90’s brand with a cult following, of which I was a huge fan. Daryl is now a friend – one that my 25-year-old self would have been starstruck by. We have Susan and her salons to thank for it. 

What has been your favorite POSTHOC salon and why?

I can’t remember the gentleman’s name but he was a scientist with expertise in life in outerspace.

What do members of this community have in common?

A curiosity about life and a taste level — high expectations paired with a sense of being open to new things. 

What’s your go-to backpocket party question?

How do you know Susan? 

What part of the world reopening are you most looking forward to? What about dreading?

Looking forward to: ANYTHING overseas. Dreading: My office.