How Do We Choose a Salon Topic?

We answer this question with another question: what are your most passionate interests?

If you know exactly what you’re passionate about, start there.

If you’re particularly interested in food, you could do a salon on the future of food. If you love to cook, you could cook for your community. You could also invite a local chef over to cook and be interviewed about a focus like no-waste cooking.

But if you’re not sure where to start, a bookshelf is always a wonderful place for salon idea inspiration.

A single book can set off a chain reaction of ideas, and if you’re excited about the topic, your guests will likely be also.

Speaking of guests,

There’s another great resource to mine when it comes to topic ideas. What topics are your friends and family passionate about that would make for stimulating conversation?

Is it essential to have a topic?

Not essential, no.

Perhaps you’ll just have a couple of people perform some live music or poetry, sweet!

That’s a salon.

But it is essential to have a purpose.

That’s what makes a salon so much more than just another dinner party.

And, frankly, isn’t that how we want to live our lives? With a sense of purpose.

So what’s interesting you these days? What’s bothering you? What is your community talking about? What are you curious about?

If you’re not a curious person, salon hosting isn’t for you.

When you host a salon, you’re an active citizen. You care and you connect the dots. Start looking around and you’ll find ideas sparking up right in front of you.

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